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Digital nomads

If you are one of the lucky ones that can work remotely from any place in the world, why not consider staying with us for a while? Our place offers a great space for digital nomads to get some serious work done. We’re close to Quito, yet far away enough from it all to really allow you to focus on your goals. Meet other digital nomads as well as locals who spend their weekends at our place. During the week, It’s usually pretty quiet with international guests coming and going because we’re located close to the airport. During the weekends, locals like to spend time here with friends, having a BBQ and enjoying the nature around here.

Internet connection can be a bit tricky all over Ecuador, but not at our place. This is one thing we can guarantee, and we know how important it is for digital nomads to stay connected.

We offer (shared) accommodation in our glamping tents, or you can occupy a double room inside the main house. Whatever your needs, we will find a suitable and comfortable arrangement for you.

Our package for digital nomads comes with full board. You will be given three meals per day, and eat together with our staff and management. This way, you can experience living the way the locals do and perhaps practice a bit of your Spanish as well. Of course, if you don’t like the food (we serve typical Ecuadorian food), or have certain dietary requirements, you are able to bring and cook your own food.

Packages start from $200 per week. Contact us if you have any questions or to book your stay!

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