Samay Collections


Samay Collections is a hotel brand focused on clients seeking new lodging experiences of a different style. Connected with nature, but with the comforts of a traditional hotel.

Our concept is a mix of architecture, art, and comfort immersed in a natural environment, surrounded by vegetation, trees, birds, butterflies, rivers, streams, etc. Innovation, sustainability and social responsibility are an essential part of our philosophy. For design and construction we use local materials and elements. Putting a lot of emphasis on sustainability.


Our vision is to take this experience to certain places located in places that we consider strategic inside and outside of Ecuador. For now we are looking for our expansion in Guayaquil, the northern part of the Ecuadorian Amazon, and the north coast.

We welcome INVESTORS who wish to be part of our growth and expansion model, CONTACT US and we will tell you the benefits of investing and being part from one of the fastest growing hotel brands in the country

Contact email [email protected]

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