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  • Jacuzzi
  • WiFi
  • BBQ
  • Coffee and tea
  • King-size bed
  • Beautiful views
  • Net
  • Private terrace

Escape the busy city life and own your own mountain in our new room, Oasis.

Built on a cliff, this unique and secluded room offers fantastic views and lots of privacy.

You reach your private oasis via a short but steep hike along our private river trail, where you are completely blocked off and surrounded by nature. You can hear the sounds of the river below and the sounds of the birds above you. It has a beautiful view of the river, canyon, trees, and a nearby waterfall.

Your room contains everything you need for a comfortable stay; a bathroom, mini fridge, coffee and tea making facilities, grill, jacuzzi, hammock / net and king-size bed. We bring your breakfast to your room for you to enjoy and relax in your suite in the morning.

Please note that you must bring appropriate footwear to access the path to your room. It is a five minute walk. It is also recommended to bring a backpack, not a suitcase.

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